Clinical Pathology Services & Fees

Effective July 1, 2023
All prices are USD ($)

PENN Price

40x Scans (per slide)$13.00
Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation(By Quote)
DNA Extraction-Blood$10.00
DNA Extraction-Body Fluid$15.00
DNA Extraction-Microdissected Tissue$40.50
DNA Extraction-Tissue$23.00
DNA sequencing$300.00
Faculty Review$280.00
Ferritin Assay$18.57
Flow Cytometry(By Quote)
high resolution Class I and II HLA typing by NGS$500.00
High resolution DR typing$75.00
HUP Administrative assistant time$100.00
Immunology(By Quote)
Laboratory Tech - Clinical Services$50.00
low resolution Class I and II HLA typing by NGS$175.00
LSA1&2 Testing$300.00
Microbiology(By Quote)
Misc(By Quote)
Molecular Pathology(By Quote)
Neuropathologist review$350.00
Sample Acquisition$10.00
Sample Freezing$10.00
Slide Review$30.00
Smear review by pathologist (hematopathology)$150.00
Split specimen serum sample$9.92
Study Initiation fee$2000.00
Study Initiation-Lab Med$500.00

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