Anatomic Pathology Services & Fees

Effective July 1, 2023
All prices are USD ($)

PENN Price

Consumables/Special Project(By Quote)

20x Scans (per slide)$9.00
40x Scans (per slide)$13.00
Antibody optimization (1-10 slides)$300.00
Antibody optimization (11-20 slides)$625.00
Antibody Optimization - 1st round$300.00
Antibody Optimization - 2nd round$300.00
Antibody Optimization - 3rd round$300.00
Antibody Validation$650.00
Case Review by Dr. Feldman$650.00
Case Review by Faculty$700.00
Data Analysis (per hour)$75.00
Debit(By Quote)
Dissection of Paraffin Sections (per sample)$5.00
DNA Isolation from Paraffin (per sample)$33.00
EPON processing and embedding$30.00
Extra section(By Quote)
GLASS COVERSLIP (per slide)$2.50
H&E or special stains (per slide)$9.00
H&E or special stains (per slide) CHTN$7.50
IHC/IF One Color (per slide)$56.00
IHC/IF One Color (per slide)$30.00
IHC/IF Two Color (per slide)$45.00
Image Analysis (per hour)$70.00
Imaging analysis (per slide)$12.00
Imaging Robot (per hour)$50.00
ISH (per slide)$62.00
Molecular Cutting Charge (per block)$7.00
Multi-Spectral Imaging (per hour)$80.00
Multi-Spectral Imaging (per slide)$14.00
Optimization/ Validation overages (per slide)$30.00
Path Report Review$10.00
Pathologist Review$150.00
Pathology Subsidy(By Quote)
Processing and Embedding (per block)$8.00
qPCR (per gene)$8.00
Reverse Transcription of RNA (per sample)$4.00
Rivet-labelling cassettes (per cassette)$2.50
RNA Isolation from Paraffin (per sample)$33.00
RNA purification (per sample)$5.00
RNA QC (per sample)$6.00
RNAscope ISH single color$75.00
RUSH Level 1$100.00
RUSH Level 2$300.00
RUSH Level 3$500.00
SAME SLIDE CONTROL (per slide)$2.00
Slide Review$45.00
SPECIAL STAIN - LEVEL II (per slide)$12.00
SPECIAL STAIN - LEVEL III (per slide)$18.00
Study Protocol Review$50.00
Tech Time$100.00
TMA Construction (per block)$550.00
Trident scanning$8.00
Unstained slides from frozen tissue (per slide)$10.00
Unstained slides from paraffin blocks (per slide)$12.00
Unstained slides from paraffin blocks (per slide)$7.00
Unstained slides from TMA block (per slide)$10.00

H&E or special stains (per slide) TTAB(By Quote)
Processing and Embedding (per block) TTAB$4.00
Unstained slides from paraffin blocks (per slide) TTAB$3.00

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