Path BioResource welcomes back Penn researchers!

100% operations restored for FY22, effective 7/6/2021.

Please contact re: questions or concerns.

A user must be assigned to a project of a registered Principal Investigator (PI).
A registered PI (or their Business Administrator (BA) or designated Lab Manager) may create projects and assign (manage) users on those projects.
A Lab Manager may be designated by the PI or BA
  1. Get a PennKey (see below) All users and PI's will need a PennKey to access services.
  2. Register as Principal Investigator:
    The PI with final spending authority for the project should use their PennKey to log in via the PROJECT MANAGEMENT: PI link on the left side of this page. If you are not already registered and are an active faculty member, you will be registered automatically.
  3. Create a Project and Manage Users (for registered PI's, BA's, or designated Lab Managers ONLY)
    • Paying with a Penn award grant using a 26-digit BEN budget number:
      Log in from the appropriate link under PROJECT MANAGEMENT on the lower left side of this page. You may then create projects for your 26-digit number and authorize users.
    • Paying with a Penn non-award grant (such as start-up funds):
      Have your BA enter the 26-digit number.
    • Paying from CHOP, Monell, Wistar, or the VA:
      Have your BA email Luellen Fletcher
  4. Read the ACCESS POLICY section of the relevant Resource Laboratory (choose the Facility from the pull-down on the left)
  5. Register with the Tumor Tissue and Biospecimen Bank (TTAB) by:
    1. Email one to two page detailed project description. This project description must include:
      • Research Project/Study Hypothesis
      • Statement of Significance of the Project
    2. faxing the Project/Study IRB Approval letter
    3. faxing the Biospecimen and Data Request Agreement
    4. emailing the Principal Investigator's POR (full) Certification
    5. emailing the Documentation of Principal Investigator's HIPAA (full) Certification

    To download documentation of POR & HIPAA:

    1. Go to this link:
    2. Click Log on! in menu list
    3. After authentication, Click on training, then click on training record
    4. Find your HIPAA and POR certification records
    5. For each one, click on details
      • For HIPPA:Cut and paste onto a word document or save the document as a html file.
      • For POR (must be full board review): Click on certificate and save electronically.]

    What happens once I submit my application for registration?

    • Upon receipt of your application by TTAB, TTAB Staff will email you to confirm receipt and touch base.
    • TTAB will review the application within two business weeks.
    • After your application is reviewed and approved, TTAB Staff will email you to notify you of your approval.
    • After approval, it is recommended that you set-up a consult (free for ACC Members and Pathology Faculty) with TTAB to discuss project feasibility, any special needs as well as to explore your service options.
  6. Submit an online request for general services to TTAB via the website for services.

    What happens once I submit my request for services?

    • After your request is reviewed, TTAB Staff will send you an email letting you know whether TTAB can service your request and provide an estimate (quote) for services.
    • After the PI approves the estimate, TTAB will work with you to set up a timetable to fill your service request.
    Please note: Once services are provided your account will be billed monthly through PathBioResource.

    Any Questions?
    Please contact the main facility at 215-615-4744.

Getting a PennKey
All clients will need a PennKey to utilize our Facilities. If you do not have a PennKey and:
Return to this page when your PennKey account is activated.