The Facility is available to all University of Pennsylvania investigators and to academic researchers from outside institutions; industrial clients will be considered if there is sufficient capacity. If demand ever exceeds capacity, priority access is given to members of stakeholder centers or departments* who have peer-reviewed funding, followed by members with no peer-reviewed funding. Investigators meet with Dr. Tapan Ganguly to discuss each new project, thereby ensuring that the resources of the core are being used optimally and that the largest number of users can be served. Should access become a concern, Dr. Tapan Ganguly is responsible for convening a special meeting of the Advisory Committee to review user requests and prioritize them based on such critieria as overall scientific merit, availability of external funding, and core resource requirements.

The Penn Microarray Facility operates on a cost recovery basis and all fees will reflect the actual expenses of reagents, consumable labware and service contracts, but do not incorporate charges for instrumentation purchases. Customized pricing will be available for non-standard protocols or method development in support of new projects. A 25% surcharge on all fees is applied to users not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Information about your account, projects, and data is considered confidential. Reports to supporting Penn institutions or the NIH may include statistics regarding your overall Facility utilization, but further details will not be released without permission.