The Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory performs a large number of in-house services dedicated to ultrastructural morphology analysis of cells and tissues or low resolution molecular imaging. The core provides expensive, specialized equipment and experienced technical staff required for performing these analyses. We currently offer a variety of electron microscopy services and a complete array of computerized morphological data analysis services.

For most users, the Core will perform a complete analysis from sample preparation through collection of data, most often with the user present during data collection. More experienced users can perform the work themselves, with the Core providing guidance and assistance as needed. The Core staff and affiliated Scientific Advisory Committee members are always available for consulting on the morphological aspects of a project, and the Core staff is willing to custom-design services to fit any investigator's needs.

EM Services

  • Phenotypic characterization and ultrastructural analysis of biological specimens
  • Preparation of all types of biological specimens for EM analysis
  • Pre-embedding and post-embedding subcellular antigen detection via colloidal gold immunohistochemistry
  • Negative staining analysis of macromolecules and viruses
  • Other unlisted EM services (please ask the Technical Director or staff)
  • Investigator operation of electron microscopes:

Consultation in Microscopy

  • Project planning
  • Protocol design
  • Optimal specimen collection and preparation
  • Instrument operation and image data collection
  • Figure preparation for publication and presentation

Special Consulting Service - Penn Muscle Institute

In additional to all the microscopic imaging services listed in this page, Penn researchers who conduct muscle-related studies can also access the special expertise from members of the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute (PMI) to help interpret microscopic images generated by the Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory (EMRL). Click here to reach the PMI for available consulting services, or contact Dr. Michael Ostap, Director of PMI, for detailed information.