HIC opens Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, except for University defined holidays.

To schedule sample processing: Please email Dr. Ling Zhao (lingzh@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) weekly sample schedule on or before Friday of the preceding week (please include Study PI, UPCC#, sample ID, blood draw/tissue biopsy date and approximate time that samples will be dropped off). Samples received outside of our posted cut-off times require approval at least 24 hours in advance of receipt and additional charges will apply as detailed below.

  1. Same-day processing cut off time: 1:00 PM Monday-Friday. In order to schedule lab staff, samples that need to be processed on the same day that are received after our cut-off time of 1 PM must be pre-approved by Ling Zhao. These samples will incur an after-hours processing fee.
  2. Next-day processing cut off time: 5:00 PM Monday-Thursday. Samples received after 1 PM, but by or before 5 PM, will be processed on the next business day.
  3. Samples received on Friday between 1-5 PM: We offer next-day processing on samples received on Friday between 1 PM and 5 PM, if pre-approved by Ling Zhao. Processing of these samples will incur an after-hours processing fee.


Specimen processing and banking

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Cellular immunology assays

  • Flow Cytometry : immune profiling and proliferation assay (ex. CFSE)
  • Luminex Multiplex Assays
  • Digital ELISA (SimOa technology)
  • Data analysis
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Molecular Immunology assays

  • Sequencing of human and murine IgH rearrangements
  • Sequencing of human TCR Vβ rearrangements (Adaptive and in-house assay anticipated launch 9/01/16)
  • Beta test site for Adaptive murine BCR IgH rearrangement kit
  • Amplification and cloning of Ig rearrangements
  • In house Data analysis pipeline for BCR and TCR repertoire studies
  • Customized data analysis
  • Single cell technology (in development)
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Scientific Consultation and Assay Development

  • Study design
  • Clinical trial protocol review
  • Standard Operating Procedure development
  • Pilot experiments for clinical trials
  • Letters of Collaboration
  • Pilot Experiments for Grant applications
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  • FlexMap 3D
  • ImmunoSpot
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