The Human Immunology Core is now fully open for new or ongoing projects prioritized by the HIC in accordance with Penn's Research Resumption Plan and PSOM policies.

Primary cell ordering has resumed with one donor on Tuesday and one donor on Thursday, every week. Details are provided when you click on "primary cells" on the "requesting services" tab.

Sample processing cut-off times are strictly observed. Please e-mail Ling Zhao ( for additional policies and specific directions, or questions about project prioritization.

For cellular immunology assays please e-mail Ling Zhao ( regarding new projects, or project resumption or prioritization.

For molecular immunology assays please e-mail Wenzhao Meng ( regarding new projects, or project resumption or prioritization.

For COVID-19 projects, please e-mail Nina Luning Prak (


Specimen processing and banking

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Cellular immunology assays

  • Flow Cytometry : immune profiling and proliferation assay (ex. CFSE)
  • Luminex Multiplex Assays
  • Digital ELISA (SimOa technology)
  • Data analysis
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Molecular Immunology assays

  • Sequencing of human and murine IgH rearrangements
  • Sequencing of human TCR Vβ rearrangements (Adaptive and in-house assay anticipated launch 9/01/16)
  • Beta test site for Adaptive murine BCR IgH rearrangement kit
  • Amplification and cloning of Ig rearrangements
  • In house Data analysis pipeline for BCR and TCR repertoire studies
  • Customized data analysis
  • Single cell technology (in development)
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Scientific Consultation and Assay Development

  • Study design
  • Clinical trial protocol review
  • Standard Operating Procedure development
  • Pilot experiments for clinical trials
  • Letters of Collaboration
  • Pilot Experiments for Grant applications
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  • FlexMap 3D
  • ImmunoSpot
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