The Human Immunology Core is now fully open for new or ongoing projects prioritized by the HIC in accordance with Penn's Research Resumption Plan and PSOM policies.

Primary cell ordering has resumed with one donor on Tuesday and one donor on Thursday, every week. Details are provided when you click on "primary cells" on the "requesting services" tab.

Sample processing cut-off times are strictly observed. Please e-mail Ling Zhao ( for additional policies and specific directions, or questions about project prioritization.

For cellular immunology assays please e-mail Ling Zhao ( regarding new projects, or project resumption or prioritization.

For molecular immunology assays please e-mail Wenzhao Meng ( regarding new projects, or project resumption or prioritization.

For COVID-19 projects, please e-mail Nina Luning Prak (

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Requesting Services

All clients will need a PennKey to utilize our Facilities.

If you do not have a PennKey and:
  • are affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania (or UPHS), Wistar Institute, Monell Chemical Senses Center, or Philadelphia VA Hospital, call (215) 573-INFO to request a PennKey.
  • are affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia please contact Path BioResource Help Desk at 215-573-2958 or 215-573-0735
  • are not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania or neighbors listed above, you or your BA should fill out the Registration Form. You will receive a Project ID and temporary PennKey to access services via this website.
NOTE: if you wish to have a permanent PennKey, call (215) 573-INFO

Once your Pennkey is activated…

Supply Ling Zhao ( with the Pennkey of the person who submits the request and their email address as well as any necessary billing information. Billing information we request:
  • Penn investigators: a 26 digit budget code
  • CHOP: 10 digit route key
  • All Others: purchase order number

Submit the request:

  • Go to the Human Immunology Core (HIC) website here
  • Click on “Submit Blood or Specimen” on the left side of the page, the 4th item under “Services”
  • Choose “XXX UPCC 12345” by clicking on “Select Study”
  • Click on “Start Request”
  • Choose the account “your account”
  • Fill out the form
  • Click on “Submit Immunology”
  • Print your request, a hard copy of the request is needed with the sample.
Contact Ling Zhao ( for any further questions

Blood/Tissue Sample Cutoff Times

Sample receiving cut­off time for sensitive samples (including PBMC preparation, serum, plasma or tissue processing and cryopreservation and flow cytometry samples that require fresh processing)
Same Day ProcessingMonday - ThursdayDrop off before 1 PM
FridayDrop off before 12 PM
Next Day ProcessingMonday - ThursdayDrop off after 1 PM
If your study requires processing outside of these cutoff times, please contact Ling Zhao (215-573-4322) one week in advance of the sample collection date to make special arrangements.

Please acknowledge the Human Immunology Core (P30-CA016520) and/or the CFAR Immunology core (P30-AI045008) in your publications.